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Public Ban List for bigdestyn

Name Type Reason Banned on Expires Banned by Status Unbanned by
bigdestyn Server Non-antag cargo tech, immediately ordered guns, called the CE a jew while stripping/stealing his gear, attacked another player, ignored warnings while asking simplemob pet to do CBT while shouting rape, memed in ahelps. 4 days ago Never baybee active N/A
bigdestyn Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric T... Caused the SM to delam by shutting off the filters and trying to crowbar in to replace the floor tiles. Thought this was BeeStation (rules-wise), permaban from the server on similar offense. 4 days ago in 2 weeks swissloaf active N/A
bigdestyn Server Strangled/beat half to death another player for no valid reason. Denied everything. Appeal on forums. 2 months ago 2 months ago baybee expired N/A
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