Public Ban List

Name Type Reason Banned on Expires Banned by Status Unbanned by
ripken2 Server As non-antag civilian, multiple assaults, genetics griefing, then shuttlebomb - Alek's ban 6 years ago Never willverdrag1314 active N/A
supersallad Server Got his hands on armory equipment, killing multiple people with it and cranking up the PA as a non-antag, for someone "Stealing his mask and flushing it down disposals - Xeric's Ban 6 years ago Never jittai active N/A
tobiken Server Using Bigotry terms. 6 years ago Never grayrachnid active N/A
tokarev Server Blew up the bridge as a non antag, disconnected immediately afterwards. 6 years ago Never hydre active N/A
zebri Server WgW over OOC, attempted bombs. Don't bother appealing 6 years ago Never madventurer active N/A
acepie413 Server Metacommunication to bomb the whole station (Non-antag) 6 years ago Never grayrachnid active N/A
agoldfish Server Saying "Yo Nigga", starting shooting up the brig after being questioned 6 years ago Never josephfrost active N/A
bukkage Server [13:54:45]SAY: Tye Bennett/Bukkage : Hes mah nigga# Found on logs. 6 years ago Never grayrachnid active N/A
crazyonejap Server Joe (?) Petrocelli [145.9] says, "my nigga"# Band? (Racism) 6 years ago Never sprafe active N/A
getyourwingz Server Spamming IC and Dead chat + ERP. 6 years ago Never grayrachnid active N/A