Public Ban List

Name Type Reason Banned on Expires Banned by Status Unbanned by
lf751 Server Made a sing inside the station, insulted admins like "Boooring, enjoy your virginity". Don't come back. 6 years ago Never 05rhardy active N/A
lolmindgames Server n? Thats new 6 years ago 5 years ago mrmecham removed asv9
missingaxis Server Killed random people as Warden. Non-antag. Obvious griefer with ahelp answers. 6 years ago Never madventurer active N/A
narsie85 Server Bigotry and creepiness. 6 years ago Never 05rhardy active N/A
peahulk Server attempted to light a gas leak hec reated in toxins when asked he said To be an idiot - clarkeh's ban 6 years ago Never thehonouredwolf active N/A
psterling Server OOC: Psterling: because you will feel bad about the next man thats creampieing her 6 years ago 5 years ago 05rhardy removed 20thgirl
raffa2 Server OOC: Raffa2: reminder that this server supports "muh bigotry, muh genitalia pride, muh feels" as argouments 6 years ago Never 05rhardy active N/A
robopenys Server Attempted to release the sing, then logged out after he was questioned and after suiciding. 6 years ago Never 05rhardy active N/A
sammyspaceship Server Supposed to be perma'd from yesterday. Plus just now: Chucklefuck says, " Greetings faggots" 6 years ago Never folia active N/A
scormx Server Help Lolmindgames mass bomb the station. Left before before I could admin PM 6 years ago Never policeiu active N/A