Public Ban List

Name Type Reason Banned on Expires Banned by Status Unbanned by
perhadus Server HELP: PERHADUS/(HONK The HONKEST II) (?) (PP) (VV) (SM) (JMP) (CA) : I'm dead negger, I'm dead. 6 years ago Never josephfrost active N/A
pholoss Server Extreme netspeak, raging and childlikeness. 6 years ago Never 05rhardy active N/A
powerwordhat Server OOC: Powerwordhat: Gay... log in and instantly killed 6 years ago Never generalpie active N/A
r0b99 Server Used extreme bigotry and logged off when confronted by an admin. Repeated offenses. 6 years ago Never klitri active N/A
robusticles Server Bigatory 6 years ago 4 years ago generalpie removed 20thgirl
serbian Server [08:45:36]SAY: Christopher Dorner/Serbian : GO AWAY ALIEN FAGGOT ~ Crazyhyperway's ban. 6 years ago Never grayrachnid active N/A
stenatoe Server 03-Nov-2013 | Banned for 0 minutes - Read woody's got wood over OCC aswell as, beating prisoners as the captain, possibly killed people. Spammed IC with wood's got wood also after being captured by the crew. ~spl99 [-] - Ban never went through, also sent my pm to him explaining he was being re-banned over OCC and accused me of wrong doing. 6 years ago Never spl99 active N/A
stinkinerse Server Admin PM to-Stinkinerse/(Ellie Prechtl): Why. Did you. Explode. The hallway? Reply PM from-Stinkinerse/(Ellie Prechtl): Because. I. Felt. Like. It. Dick. 6 years ago Never alek2ander active N/A
swerde99 Server Releasing plasma and shocking doors as non rogue AI. 6 years ago Never josephfrost active N/A
tokoma Server OOC: Tokoma: YEAH!? I BET YOUR MOTHER FORNICATED WITH YOUR FATHER 6 years ago Never utahclock active N/A