Public Ban List

Name Type Reason Banned on Expires Banned by Status Unbanned by
theorys Server Arthur Yeskey exclaims, "You gotta finish sucking this dick first!" 6 years ago Never chuggachar active N/A
traceracer02 Server Perma with no appeal. Refer to Unmovable 6 years ago Never generalpie active N/A
000000 Server Zarg West says, "ur gey fagit" ---- When talked to, spaced self and logged. 6 years ago Never madventurer active N/A
ajmitchell777 Server Shitcurity and IC in OOC. --- Upped to perma by Hardy 6 years ago Never 05rhardy active N/A
assymcgee Server As warden, got himself three eguns at the least, then proceeded to kill the Captain and the HoP. 6 years ago Never firestorm258 active N/A
chcknwildstyle Server Stephen Walking pulls his penis out, and gently strokes it before jizzing all over the cell door. 6 years ago Never generalpie active N/A
croke32 Server Randomly attacking people and responded withbeing edgy, you know how black people do . Permanent Ban. 6 years ago Never mcshooterjr active N/A
dennis345 Server Gibbed someone "Because he looked at him funny" refused to stop when told to 6 years ago Never chuggachar active N/A
drakemars Server Attacking people and tearing up tiles because he had to disconnect. Well, here's your disconnection. Dont bother appealing. 6 years ago 4 years ago firestorm258 removed firestorm258
elufelof Server [17:27:24]SAY: Makenna Christopher/Eluf_Elof : ((Maybe you should learn to stop being a faggot. Brackets brackets brackets.)) 6 years ago Never josephfrost active N/A