Public Ban List

Name Type Reason Banned on Expires Banned by Status Unbanned by
maoistjakepaul Chief Medical Officer, Chemist Made Meth and labeled it "charcoal" as normal crew. 3 days ago 6 hours ago num1bamf active N/A
captainrum Server Griefing - Welder bombed arrivals and attacked security that responded. Decided he wanted more than a week ban, so I've pushed it to a month just for him. 3 days ago in 3 weeks yvesza active N/A
carsoneagle Server Self antagged twice in a round, extremely argumentative in the ticket. Read the rules. 4 days ago 2 days ago saltytoast expired N/A
zirmo Server Murdered a lawyer because they were 'a pissed off chef', took their PDA and ran around the brig for a bit. Also started the round by destroying every bot they came across, presumably for the same reason. generally unresponsive in ticket, read our rules. 4 days ago in 2 days yvesza active N/A
grinchmail Server Murdered someone as non antag chef and tried to gib them, after the other player bamboozled them for credits in a lie about drugs. 4 days ago 3 days ago num1bamf expired N/A
garaofthedesertz Server Released hostile slime mobs before the round ended on the shuttle. Take some time off to read the rules, please. 5 days ago 4 days ago uselesstheremin expired N/A
geesemother Server Left in the middle of ticket. Attacked detective over a hat, and broke escalation rules. Please appeal on the forums. Cheers 5 days ago Never mesalikepie active N/A
loveshark Server Deliberately tried to loose a cargo tesla as a borg, very unresponsive in tickets. The only answer I got was "how else a mf gonna mine". Also ferried an assistant around sec and into perma while ignoring orders not to. Appeal this on the forums if you want to explain. 5 days ago Never yvesza active N/A
karlkpatts Server Welderbombed the HoS because their metafriend got arrested. You JUST got off a 3 day ban. 5 days ago in 1 day n3d6 active N/A
grizzby Server Valid hunting & Power gaming - Grabbed a flash as an engineer (Without cause or reason) and then later used it to attack a heretic, lied repeatedly in tickets and refused to accept how this was an issue. Read the rules. 5 days ago 2 days ago yvesza expired N/A
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