Public Ban List

Name Type Reason Banned on Expires Banned by Status Unbanned by
jaggaaff Server A lot of greytiding in one shift. Stole AA roundstart as a nonantag, proceeded to use this to run around the station doing whatever they wanted. Stole CE headset, RD hardsuit, and quite a bit of other gear aswell. Read the rules. 14 hours ago in 9 hours n3d6 active N/A
ultravorgan Captain Completely shit as a captain, getting so many warnings and doing so many things such as powergaming and trying to leave the station. Please play a different role my man. 14 hours ago in 1 week uselesstheremin active N/A
assistanttide Server Maxcapped because warden was a 'cock sucker', DCed immediately on ticket 19 hours ago Never ynot01 active N/A
theslipperycarp Server greytide paraded around security and stole loot from arrested personnel, wasnt around for ticket, explain on forums 1 day ago 1 day ago ynot01 removed ynot01
stutwoby Abductor, Xenomorph, Blob, Blood Brother, Chang... Murderboning: making lethal, deadly virus as a changeling for 'distraction'. Randomly murdering anyone even close to chemistry to avoid curing. make the next one permanent. 1 day ago in 2 weeks lewdelf active N/A
opane Abductor, Xenomorph, Blob, Blood Brother, Chang... DC/d as BB without ahelping. 1 day ago in 1 day n3d6 active N/A
moskaumaster Server Disconnected mid ticket after blowing up robotics with a potassium bomb. Low hours, was not told what the bomb did, but still was not able to be resolved before disconnect occurred and thus a ban has been applied. Appeal this on the forums or wait it out please. Either way, check the rules and make sure they are clearly understood. Wiki can be used as well if you are ever unsure of what something in game does! 2 days ago 1 hour ago supertealove active N/A
bobthedog2 Server Disconnected during a ticket, created a chemical bomb as a roboticist and gave it to the other robo, instructing them to use it. They did and robotics was spaced as well as other players being injured significantly. Appeal on forums to explain or wait this out. 2 days ago in 22 hours supertealove active N/A
nostalgiakritic Server Metacomms with unchainedcringegod 2 days ago Never lynxjynx active N/A
unchainedcringegod Server Metacomms with nostalgiakritic 2 days ago Never lynxjynx active N/A
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