Public Ban List

Name Type Reason Banned on Expires Banned by Status Unbanned by
eldrichard OOC Icky Ocky,also didn't care when told to not do so. 17 hours ago 14 hours ago alexkar598 expired N/A
colonelvukasin Server Greytiding, broke into the armory with a mech, left upon contact. Appeal this ban on the forums. 19 hours ago Never swissloaf active N/A
readystorm546 Research Director Valid complaint: Spending over 40 minutes attacking and trying to get at the AI because it didn't let him upload validhunt laws at roundstart, ignoring and distracting from the rising cult threat. 21 hours ago in 1 day zxmongoose active N/A
ancientfirefly Server New Ckey on the server, first action was to grab a plasma canister in science and open it in medbay. Gave a very shallow explanation saying he tought "it was plasma for blood" also Alexkar told me he was using a VPN. Appeal on the forums when you want to play here. 1 day ago Never likeless active N/A
gar4 Server Should know better then to hunt down cult as an assitant. Had used dna evidence to track down a cult member and beat him to death with a mob of people. None of whom were from Security. 1 day ago in 14 hours liberalbiass active N/A
overseer6678 Server Killed someone that he stole a chainsaw from. The guy ran after him to get his chainsaw back. He then assumed he was cult and murdered him as a non antag. Can appeal on the forums. 1 day ago 9 hours ago liberalbiass expired N/A
featherfield Server requested for intoxication 1 day ago in 10 hours swissloaf active N/A
shadowthelion Chemist Extremely new player, blew up and set on fire chemistry after attempting difficult recipes without basic understanding of the game mechanics killing another player in the explosion, learn the basic first then try chemistry after 1 day ago in 1 day likeless active N/A
homocidlepancakes Server Beat, nuggeted, meat spiked (on to display in cargo), and then left the free miner to die after catching him on the mining base after a disagreement between the two, the QM let the free miner onto the base. Mistaken about ghost role grief protections. 1 day ago 18 hours ago lyis expired N/A
ultravorgan Server Broke CMD to kill the guy that killed him. Thanks for the extra work after I was trying to help you. 1 day ago 18 hours ago lyis expired N/A
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