Public Ban List

Name Type Reason Banned on Expires Banned by Status Unbanned by
pungentgoo Server As chemist, released acid grenades, disconnected before ticket, please explain on forums 9 hours ago Never jamied12 active N/A
thtb Server Plasmaflooded as non-hijack. Did not answer on admin prison or ahelp popups. Instantly DCd. 1 day ago Never redmooogle active N/A
conteudogenerico Server Got killed and came back as chaplain devout and started shouting "nathal is antag". Claims someone told them IC but no proof of it. Round 33063 1 day ago in 1 day qe active N/A
daddychristmas Server Said to a chef that he has ''admin permission'' to give him a cluwn burger which turns him into a cluwn and wanted to go on a revange spree against security with it. In the same round blew up escape hallway as well 1 day ago Never tipy1802 active N/A
ssethtide Server Plasma flood grief, obviously knew what they were doing with an account created today. 1 day ago Never lynxjynx active N/A
tehladyk Malf AI, Monkey, Space Ninja, Operative, Syndic... this is an automatic test of the system 1 day ago 1 day ago lynxjynx expired N/A
cleverslim Server knowingly charged into the supermatter as a chaplain and ended up ruining multiple people's rounds. obviously did not care about what they did. have some time off, you keep pulling things like this. 1 day ago in 1 week uselesstheremin active N/A
lifewebpedofiliaecia Server Huge bigotry, tried to bypass the filter multiple times, when bwoinked about this replied with "shut up n*****" 1 day ago Never n3d6 active N/A
cell1345 Server Intentionally irradiated self as warden and ran around in a rad suit as a prank. People mutated or died just being near him. 1 day ago 20 hours ago thatoneguywiththeface expired N/A
bruhgator Server As a nonantag clerk, killed a mime for no reason, lied about this in tickets. Take some time off to see why this isn't okay. 1 day ago in 1 day n3d6 active N/A
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