Public Ban List

Name Type Reason Banned on Expires Banned by Status Unbanned by
anesthetisa Server Griefing - Started killing poly characters because "Theyr'e xenos" despite literally having a conversation with one prior to the act. 7 hours ago in 1 week yvesza active N/A
driptox Server Griefing. spaced the janiride and overdosed him on epinephrine, then went to lavaland and beat a miner to crit. appeal on the forums. 12 hours ago Never saltytoast active N/A
kaka222 Server Griefing and spamming of pray. Appeal on the forums. 16 hours ago Never saltytoast active N/A
tojot89468 Server In game harrassment and griefing. "kill yourself" said more than once. 16 hours ago Never saltytoast active N/A
cark Server Said he wanted a permanent ban from the server, here ya go 17 hours ago Never uselesstheremin active N/A
wilpikle Abductor, Xenomorph, Blob, Blood Brother, Chang... New to game, forced into traitor position and accidentally spaced themselves. Agreed to a tempban while learning the game. 1 day ago in 5 days ajhchenry active N/A
mremperor Server Powergamed a mech ten minutes into the round, broke into medbay with it, made an explsoive grenade and then suicided & left mid ticket. Appeal this on the forums. 1 day ago Never yvesza active N/A
ok2bgay2 Station Engineer Ghosted at round start as engineer, scoped out the map and wanted to be put back in their body. Has attempted this several rounds. 2 days ago in 17 hours num1bamf active N/A
truthinalie Server Released two cans of gas during the round, one water vapor in the shuttle and one halon in the shuttle as clown. 2 days ago 1 day ago alexkar598 expired N/A
funnyfortniteman69 Server Self-Requested. 4-Days 2 days ago 10 hours ago redmooogle removed uselesstheremin
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